Having been born & raised on a hill farm in mid-Wales, I know from experience how hard sheep race work can be. I started fabricating from a young age with the aim to improve work-flow and efficiency around the farm. To this day, I stick to the same aim. Over the years I've observed a positive correlation between farm work-flow and profitability. However, it wasn't until my father had a knee replacement that I realised how inefficient our sheep race was. Years of awkwardly wrestling ewes, lambs and tups through a traditional race system had taken a toll on my father's knees.
    After a lot of thought, I set about fabricating a system to eliminate this problem, and increase the flow and speed of husbandry tasks. We have been using the sheep conveyor since 2016 and are currently putting around 15,000 sheep through it each year. Through this usage, the conveyor has been thoroughly tested, tweaked and trialed to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum stress.

Made for the farmer, by the farmer